Saturday, July 7, 2018

Good evening...long years at war...long and hard walk on high you to know, that when I first started, I was so naive that actually though oh well, let me go straight to the elliptic curve!!!! Oh Mighty Mighty Lord!!!! I started on the gates of Evil!!!! For those who really know what the elliptic curve means, and there are not that many people, the trigonometry, the velocity, the angles, the movement, the RF, etc etc etc...the equation after one year of hard work, became!!!! But then again, computing is also electronics, and that was the day I understood, God damm, not even China..or Russia! By the way, the russians already had the elliptic curve in 1981!!!!Well, we can know they have laser jammers, we can break security...but where's the explosive the electronic construction is another nightmare! One year later, I had my first mental breakdown...I was so exhausted, I couldn't eat, drink, sleep, talk...I then stopped, went to everything, money forgery, bank heist, ID's, more 6 months in computing, another mental collapse! Today, I'm no longer afraid of computing, and the hardest NATO networks are no longer a we are, tonight...waiting for another sun rise...probably thorium and beryllium...incredibly Physics became easy, because I build my own Fat Man..and then everything became a piece of will be here tomorrow God's willing. Facing the system, their hypocrisy, the way they turn away their faces, are insulted and don't give a shit, for no joseph nobody, who so hard work pays their luxuries. But this is the system, please join me, and thank you, for being here with me.

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