Tuesday, July 3, 2018

drplet attack...packet in packet technique...chaos network attack

ok...back to war! so for mental idiots like politicians this means goat shit...this question at stackoverflow, is important for radio communications denial of service in chaos networks (NATO shit, nuclear centrals shit..) now, this packet in packet technique, is resume, a version of droplet attack...why not a computing science pdf ? because this, is the code.

if (skb_headroom(skb) < sizeof(struct newheader)) {
    printk("I got here!\n");
    if (pskb_expand_head(skb, sizeof(struct newheader) - skb_headroom(skb), 0, GPF_ATOMIC) != 0) {
        printk("And also here\n");
        return NF_DROP;
I am working on a Linux kernel module that needs to modify network packets and append an extra header. I already implemented the modification part,…

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