Sunday, May 6, 2018

so, want to make sure, no CIA is listening...make sure, you have the right phone...and the right App

SnoopSnitch Compatibility

SnoopSnitch runs on many Android devices with Qualcomm chipset.
Root privileges are essential: To access radio data, root privileges are strictly required. SnoopSnitch WILL NOT WORK on devices that are not rooted, even if a Qualcomm chipset is present, the Android version is sufficient or the device is mentioned in the list below. You have to root the device yourself - SnoopSnitch will not do that for you. If you do not know what rooting is or how to root your device, have a look here:

Supported Devices

The following devices are known to work with SnoopSnitch. It is very likely that other Qualcomm-based Android phones also work, if they are rooted and have a stock firmware or a suitable custom ROM. If your device is working with SnoopSnitch and missing from this list or something is inaccurate, please mail us the exact phone model and Android version

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