Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Let me say something to you, all Muhamads ...Chacal was the "one"...killing hundreds of joseph nobodies, and what you get, is that, they stay even more pretty in the picture, putting flowers at the funerals. You, over there, in little Loures city, justify the maids existence...without you...no "jobs for the boys" you want to go to paradise, go ahead...you did nothing! Chacal was the "one" . The moment he blow up the ass of the CIA director, he placed all world maids after him! He has the Game! And he was only caught, because the russians gave him away! Either you become Che, and take control of political systems in countries, and then you hunt to kill, either you're Chacal...because being Allah lovers, is a club it doesn't scare them. By the way...the other day, that hundreds of joseph nobodies ass killing at Paris, at 3 different spots...what about the bomb exploding inside a little restaurant...the press maids don't talk about? That! Their balls blowing up! Hurts the "system"! So..."Help me God"

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