Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Buenas! Intel! welcome back to war! Sechin is out of the league of Bout . What to the CIA motherfuckers want, fuck the man behind saving Russia, from economic collapse of sanctions. They were highly fucked for redrawing from Ukraine, now they want revenge. Sechin just sold Rosfneft in Qatar (bigger oil producer competitor of Saudi Arabia) by using Glencore company there, which their equities are not subject of sanctions. This deal, covers the russian national debt. What's the trap for fucking Sechin, that fucks the americans? Is that Sechin is using Intesa Sanpaolo bank, which just "said" it would back the business loan...biggest italian bank (EU babes) with a very hight probabilty of total bankrupcy, (total insolvence) that ...would be bad news for the american friends around here. So, the fucks need the business deal, to save the banker italian whoores, and a big EU disaster. Not referring that Sechin has a great game, and he's using Mercury as cover to buy US pipe lines...another story...So, what kind of "exchange" information do the fuckers want from you Bout? Something that could swipe Rosfneft out of the map...that would be mean, fucking Russia for the next decade...and occupying Ukraine....if however the Chinese weren't funding Gazprom...that's another fuck...So, does Sechin is envolved on financing Likud at Israel? Bout...just say he is.  because...actually, he is.

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