Saturday, February 17, 2018

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so, you will have to a magnet motor ...and definitely a propulsion system. Check this from yacht's .

back to war! So, I said to you, hold on to every amount of unprocessed uranium....check this one out : uranium 235 is high enriched uranium (from nuclear reactors) however, if you have uranium 238 (pure uranium from mining) and you gather the two forms, you will have called in Physics, "critical mass" . This two forms, can have spontaneous fusion reaction, according to velocity, shape of the bomb, and temperature. And even more power, if it has a neutron reflector; a neutron reflector is a material like graphite or beryllium, because it makes a very high velocity to the explosion. So, the best shape of the bomb, is always cylinder, the most velocity it gets, imagine that you could use 200km/h or even higher velocity , Formula 1 , with a permanent magnet motor .

and...gentlemen...the App

The AR-16 Network Relay Controller App is the ideal solution for hundreds of applications where remote control of external devices is needed. Connect the AR-16 Relay Interface to the USB port, RS-232 port or RS-485 port on your Windows PC or Laptop and you have instant control of any electrical device that can be connected to a relay. Control lighting, motors, appliances, HVAC equipment, lock or gate solenoids, indicator panels, heaters, camera tilt and pan, robotics and thousands of other electrical devices. Great for field testing prototype products or testing equipment for reliability.

This App allows you to remotely energize or de-energize a relay from your tablet or phone's touch screen using your local network, mobile network, Wi-Fi or from anywhere in the world via Internet. The App's start-up screen allows you to control all 16 of the AR-16 relays. Touch the relay button for the desired relay and the relay will energize (button will turn red when remote server acknowledges). Touch the button again and the relay will de-energize (button will turn green when remote server acknowledges). Label the relay buttons as needed from within the App or just create a text file using Notepad on your desktop PC and then copy to your tablet. Remotely control up to 128 relays when EX-16 or EX-32 relay expansion cards are added to the AR-16 Relay Interface. The additional relays are controlled by selecting the desired screen (16 relays per screen).

Install the AR-16 Network Receiver App on your Windows PC or Laptop to communicate with this App over your local network, mobile network, Wi-Fi or Internet. This app is located on the CD included with your AR-16 Relay Interface or you may contact us at (937) 349-6000 for a free download.

If you need to control relays directly from your tablet or phone's USB port, please install our AR-16 Relay Controller App.

The AR-16 Network Relay Controller App has been developed to run on Android operating systems Android 2.2 through Android 4.4 which includes Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat. 

The AR-16 Network Relay Controller App may also be used to remotely control relays used with EECI's ADC-16 Analog to Digital or the STA-16 Contact Monitor. Please visit for more information.

Custom Apps available for specialized applications, contact EECI's support staff for more information... (937) 349-6000.

welcome back to war! about anti handling detonators, I have here something to show you, very interesting...some aspects besides switching remotely TCP line (can expand to 8 channels) absortion diode circuit (?) military grade material, and holds the relay status until power down.
Product description:

Control via Ethernet and internet pull 2 ​​relay, then release, and can be extended by a pin external relay module to eight outputs.
Module supports TCP, UDP, cloud remote control three kinds of operation, easy to understand instructions, instruction can specify 1--65535 seconds delay.
Module is equipped with VB, Delphi PC program and source code to help you easily computerized remote control.
TCP and cloud remotely can check the status of all relays, also after each command processing is complete, the module will return to the latest state of all relays.
UDP mode no status query or other returns, code is extremely simple, easy to be embedded into a variety of applications.
Full support for secondary development, open TCP, UDP control protocol, cloud secondary development package provides remote SOAP Web Service API interface and RESTful Web Service API interface.

Module Features:

STC microcontroller for industrial master chip
Onboard 2-way high-quality relay, relay with absorption diode circuit
With 1-channel power indicator, each relay has status indicator lights up and relay
The relay module can be extended up to 8 outputs, Note: The relay module should be actived high
You can configure the module through the network parameters, such as the module IP address, default gateway, etc.
Holding relay status before power down (configurable)
Through internet control, remote cloud by local password protection, safe and reliable
Supports 5V or 9-24V input voltage
1.6mm thick PCB by the military grade FR-4 sheet material, PCB size 70mm X 50mm, set aside the mounting holes

Package includes:

1 x Delay relay TCP / UDP module controller
Only US$18.66, buy best LAN Ethernet 2 Channel Relay Board Delay Switch TCP/UDP Controller…

so, what about the circuit ? question : charge a 450V capacitor with a small battery such as a 1.5V or 9V provide a voltage near 450V for the capacitor?...answer : Geiger counter tubes use in that vicinity of voltage and the following contains a simple power supply ! Probe Philips 18504 Tube with high voltage

Used geiger counter probe. Has banana plugs for the connectors could be easily changed to whatever connector you need. Please look at Photos…

Good morning everybody! welcome back to war! So, we have a drone, and we have some mufflers and catalytic converter, so this resembles a perfect dirty cake ...check it out