Sunday, July 1, 2018

prison break

back to war! a friend of mine's asked me, to go again to the topic, prison break...and let's imagine the high security prisons several cell doors...we have the electronics, and the mechanical...let's imagine, we have no way to reach the electrical lamp, because its too high...and we only have plastic knifes from the meals, visitors are separated by a glass...and so...pretty fuck. Nothing at all, is not nothing at all! we have iron, or aluminium on our beds, that scratched will become aluminium oxide...aluminium oxide block wi fi signals, and also 2nd. if mixed with water, produces hydrogen , very strong explosive. the electrical wires are exactly behind the keypad, on our side of the all...we need to access a hole , that we insert the metal this point we don't use a mix with water, because our objective is to disable the rf signal and delete the memory code. we will go on, using the metal powder, for doing the same on the major electronic board at the main hall...on the mechanical system locks (image 3, russian high security prison) we need the explosive. first of all, find the switches for the main electricity on the all block, produce a blackout, you will have one to two minutes until the energy support generator starts. You need to be sure of the way out, close to the car parking. take out the clothing for gps tracking, plan to be continued

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