Saturday, June 23, 2018

uranyl oxide+californium 252

on the picture which is uranyl oxide ....which is also radioactive waste, but this will give us what we don't have, U-235! the perfect substitute. Finally I discover that, the nano CIA dollar coin explosive, is exactly the chain reaction of PBX 9501 + uranyl oxide...for one reason...the critical mass ( =explosion multiplicity) can produce a division of neutrons, cabable of high destruction ( and high heating) the double of the volume of its size, but it looses neutrons by the surface area, so for instance, the minimal ammount for a fission reaction must be 780 gr of U-235 , in this case , the CIA nano explosive, is based on 3 concepts of Physics, the thermal neutrons reaction (thermocouples) + the high frequency rates of thermal reactions + and the "penetrator" (which initiates the fission=californium 252)

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