Wednesday, May 16, 2018

tactical jammers position ..drones...

welcome back to war! So, dear friends, what's the important aspects to know about their projectiles send by cannons to disrupt communications ? 1. they send the jammers trough a tactical method which is "two coherent waves traveling along two different paths to the same point will interfere destructively" this means we have to detect two positions, inside their target area, that are sending radio signals, trough projectiles. 2. Do not forget, that this jammers are deployed by drones, and hot ballons 3 and most important, while we are under attack, put all electronic wireless under "flight mode"

ok, before we go to the "flight mode" counter attack..just to refer a detail, on this communication disruption; so, we are emitting a coherent radio frequency (between 20 and 2020 mgz) on two different locations, destiny for the same target, deployed by a drone. To be effective the disruption, based on Physics, is that between the two jamming signals, must have half distance of the wavelength, between them. So if , we deploy one, at 20 miles (for example), the other one, must be emitting at 10 miles distance

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