Monday, July 2, 2018


bichloride mercury, is now knowed as mercury chloride II , ...well, yes, if you ingest this, you get poisoning and you die, eventually, and they call it either a suicide or a murder. But we...want to murder without detection. High levels of mercury chloride are found on dental amalgams, if you give a small dose of 1gr, and take one dental amalgam, place a trace of the substance there ...forensic will not determine if it was murder , but too much concentration of mercury, that was fatal. From person to person, the doses of poison,, what can be safe to someone can be deadly to another...anyway, on the blood analysis, you get a concentration, that you can not "invent" if it was released on a period of time, if it was on purpose given in one single time.
Small Quantity =<30g .="" 10112-91-1.="" analysis.="" arrier="" cas="" certificate="" div="" ebay="" exception="" of="" special="">

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