Tuesday, June 5, 2018


welcome back to war! tuesday, 10.35 am! Meet Horst Schumann. After his experiences, most of them, still classified by Germany, lots and lots of advances already occurred. They call it "birth control"...and this post is the conclusion, of the economy theory for any possibility of Immortality; These days, insects are sterilized by ionization radiation. So, also transgenic cultures provoking DNA mutation (H5N1 in Birds) are also ionized with radiation, so it controls global epidemic. Actually, what they have, is dozens of sub radiation methods for hidden sterilization in mammals ...humans. It can be food, drink, android, computer, security check ups, analgesic , therefore...the immortality possibility, is a commercial trading fund. The only miracle for the all world population, and also agreeing they will not reproduce more than legal establish, is to be part of a Monetary Fund. Without that Nobel Prize of Economy...no Nobel Prize of Medicine.

Horst Schumann (1 May 1906 – 5 May 1983), SS-Sturmbannführer (major) and medical doctor, conducted sterilization and castration experiments at Auschwitz and was particularly interested in the mass sterilization of Jews by means of X-rays.

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