Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nano Nuclear Bomb (1)

hello world. Welcome back to war! thursday, 18.00 pm! Nano nuclear bomb! First thing is first. The nano nuclear bomb works based on beta voltaic cell (1mm) , because the radiation is based on Ni63 (nickel 63 radioactive foil), so, this "goods" must be "arranged" ...about the construction of the bomb , it complicates a little bit (  ) because the alpha particles move on direction such that neutralizes the neutrons , which is a physics law ( the less volume of the area, losses more neutrons than it multiplies, because the reaction happens when the fissile material reacts by itself, if its to small amount it neutralizes faster than it reacts) ...therefore, so we can improvise, we need this "goods" attached to a proportional transducer , which is obligée to be californium 252 (because it reacts by it self on its decay, meaning its a fissile fast and strong we've seen , and the last police seizure of radioactive was this substance, in Turkey, we can this, on shipments from Canada to Russia ) (I'll make the draw)

TEHRAN, May 09 (MNA) – Scientists at the National University of Science and Technology MISIS have developed a prototype betavoltaic battery, a non-rechargeable, maintenance-free nuclear battery with a 100-year service life.

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