Monday, June 18, 2018

Metformin and Immortality

Metformin and Immortality. Metformin is a diabetes drug; researchers were surprised to find that diabetic patients had a 46% reduction in risk of developing these cancers compared to non-diabetic patients.17 What was the reason for this unexpected reduction? The diabetic patients were taking metformin...Metformin has also been shown to increase the production of known longevity-promoting signaling molecules in cells, such as mTOR and AMPK—all of which reduce fat and sugar storage and increase youthful functioning at the cellular level...however, besides running for immortality, this drug also delivers an enzyme protein syntethic DNA to modify human genes, as to create the super agent. For sure, the rNA encoding is top secret. While there's hundreds of bio genetic scientists able to find this DNA encoded sequence, they deal with ethics questions, since the experiments must be done in humans. Doctors who find this super agent tried first on their own sons.

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