Monday, June 4, 2018


...back to war! This is transgenic corn (maize) ...a few years ago, I started investigating bio war agents, including H5N1 birds flu. It seems, birds feed themselfs of transgenic corn, got a mutation on DNA, that weak their natural defenses, and then catch the deadly flu; by migrating, they spread the disease all over the globe. Like I said, also, insects were mutated, and some rare diseases, like rare encephalitis, also appeared. Of course, for us the "bad guys" the most important factor, on bioterrorism, is to be able to spread a virus that is deadly, high infectious and is transmitted by breading. So, I'll be right back

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welcome back...warfare! What really happens and why do we have transgenic seeds, is of course to not loose cultures by viruses, also grow faster, etc...So, transgenic are design seeds to be immune to natural culture virus. How is that prepare in bio engineering ...first the original seed is cloned, and then by methylation method ( common used in any university lab) , they introduce a chemical which is an acid , Abscisic acid, which interferes on hormones (also present in plants) and create immunity to virus. Birds and insects, eat that modify hormone, and mutate their DNA, in my opinion, all it happens is that, immunology from birds, which all come from their feathers protection, are sudden disabled, and the deadliest disease for a bird, is the flu.
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