Monday, June 11, 2018

Good afternoon! welcome back to war! another week, monday, 14.15 pm! Iran...J came with an opportunistic bullshit talk, he works for them,..., the talk was about a biometric detonator...what they want is to target specific individuals, without no collateral damage, and 100% accuracy . They know, I would fall like a rabitt on the haul, thinking it was a challenge, costing them "zero" cents. Of course, I would use my profound hate for the system, and think on a way to target Ronaldo. But their last target would be any pig from them circle. The target would be you..or me. For them ,you are a disturb to their political systems, a sort of inconvenience. They are not moved by no love to God, or hate to a philosophy. That makes them, inferior. This war, is God damm hard to win, Iran, only the Lord knows how much hard it is. I spend too many years with hunger. So, please, Raiza, Sayed, if you remember anything, than can turn this against them, let me know. I'n not loyal to you, to Maome, I'm loyal to Jesus. Our agreement is to defeat them, together. And, don't forget the major pigs of this world, the major bastards, do not use joseph nobody androids...use texas instruments .

Actually what they have as biometric recognition, is...iris, dna, finger print...and cameras...and drones...again...they have more technology, scientific, and money than us. ...benefits and losses ...we can codify a face, the moment the asshool crosses the street, inside a car, or opening the android etc...the detonator (always by cameras) will initiate the bomb. This is because of one thing...the Matrix...among us there are other people from other reality. I know you don't believe it.

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