Sunday, June 10, 2018


welcome back to war! sunday, 10.10 am! Dear compadre, after our talk this morning, and our talks are not stupid talks, idealistic stupidity, and so, about cocaine addiction , no one beside science can ever solve it...not politicians, or their stupid police, maids. There's a brain enzyme called chromatin, that has been modify (histone modification) to become an antidote for amphetamines based drugs, but scientists also know that chromatin is part of the DNA bond, that explains the very complex interaction of drug abusers predisposition, as a curiosity, also interferes on the so called G-protein, the homosexuality cause. So, what I'm trying (humble) to explain, is that, politician asshools, domain their banking accounts and not science...the reason this is an old world of that politicians are inferior brains....with inferior I was can clone the DNA (yours), and then inside the clone cell, clone again the chromatin, and then by the method of histone modification (also, methylation) you can replace the actuators on the brain that determine, sexual preferences, violence, drugs addiction predisposition, etc...Of course, politicians discussed already the DNA cloning issue, most of the world, represented by "them" denied the scientific advance ...either, we patiently explain to politician asshools, what DNA cloning specifications, can do for Humankind, or we do it, without their community consent. Them or their community, is exactly the same thing, pathetics

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