Saturday, May 19, 2018

The pits were stolen from the Pantex facility in Amarillo through an operation run by imprisoned “Lord of War” Victor Bout working for Israel. The pits..were removed in refrigeration trucks and taken to a fertilizer plant in West, Texas...From there they were taken to the Port of Houston and loaded for transit to the Canary, Islands. From there they were loaded on planes for Mauritius, where they were stored for sorting at an iron mine owned by former South African Prime Minister DeKlerk...The stolen nuclear pits used to manufacture these weapons, according to the Los Alamos team, were part of 350 plutonium pits (decayed nuclear cores) stored at the Pantax facility in Amarillo, TX...jammer targets in buildings disable..

Elsa David anyway good to know Al Hayat TV - قناة الحياة ...that if you want to place explosives at 25 Abril have to jamm the maritime police...and place jammers on building close to them...and then show up with a truck...and blow it up...

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