Thursday, May 10, 2018

My friends! I decided to live a different life, even if my path was modify but "different" circumstances! So, I will also, die, as different from the rest . I do politics being totally tax free, without no payment, and in totally freedom of thinking and speech! I would never belong to no "group", submitted by lobbies, or by asking permission for my own opinions! The "all picture" that some few, very few, can actually see, is that the all planet is made of hypocrisy, politicalhypocrisy!!! Politics should be free, like old Greek philosophy!!! The one's who join the "system", accepting being payed, for what they think is the representation of the People, are only hypocrites! What I find sui generis, is that in my house, politics are discussed every day, but the "system" takes our visions, our ideas, and makes them their own...and by that, they go to the television, and incredibly...are payed...and extraordinary payed...those like me, that oppose to all hypocrisy of this world, have files, everywhere, written by their sheeps. We give the argument of their wage, the argument of their slavery and maids they are! Today, we at my house, found funny, the new aeroport project, came first (on purpose) to the press, awaiting for my opinion!!! my decision! Like many other, I've took, trough the years! My activity, even if not payed, non profit, without no banking investment, is high security. I live of my activity, and what I receive, is consideration, credibility, and respect! Surely, I'm not going to pronounce about the aeroport affair. I'm so sorry, I will never again, feed thieves, and hypocrites!

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