Monday, May 14, 2018

Maybe I am semi Goddess ...I keep on saying to invisible Jesus my Lord, you better have a very special place for me in Paradise, since I'm being used by God, for some task and purpose I don't know what it is, and I'm not being payed!!!!! Maybe Jesus got my Mother pregnant, when she was for 3 years trying, picked my Mother specially for a truly Queen taste. And keep me here, using my rage, on a world that should have made me very very rich...keep me here poor and prisoner. Maybe Jesus architect this story, by making me, not a top model, but the most loved girl in the world...for a sexy look, that I had for years, (and still have) that its universal ; a sexy look, that Jesus carefully studied on Men's preferences....My natural talent for espionage...My gigant megalomania views. ...My realism pure good intentions...and horrible revenges we spoken , the phone ringed Mother telling (us) the old men has a lottery in his pocket for me...didn't said how much or when he would give me...
we live in times, where computers are nano sized and can penetrate your skin. God has a task for me, for all my friends gather at my house. Jesus said.."if I told you , your actions in the future, you would change them" He downloaded me, tetra bytes of information...Jesus said to me what was our part, how the "war" will end...but He keeps the lottery ticket on His pocket, not saying how much and when He will give it to us.

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