Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Dear PM My opinion over the israeli-palestinian conflict as been that a pratical and profit solution for both, is the Unification. As an European, I've studied the Italian and German Unification, finding that those achievements end up on strong countries. I'm writing today to PM Abbas, making the proposal; but my goal on writing to you, is about Iran Dossier. The Russians will not give up Iran, because of their gas conducts until India, and there's no territory exchange by now, since Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan positions were already "trade" . As India is a non aligned country, and for sure armament corporation with the Israelis, does not affect a possible Russian partnership, could India stand for "pressure" the Russians to "erase" Iranian nuclear tread? Let me put it simple PM...Iranian society is changing fast, probably will end up on a western type of democracy, with or without CIA anarchy artificial made...So, nuclear should be privatize ; on a possible change of philosophy on Iran, both sides, are interested in the so called democracy best ..."corruption" . Please PM, think about it... Best regards Elsa Cristina e Botelho dos Santos David

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