Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pay attention, the world collapses with the banking system collapse. Without this, our war is useless. To finish their lifes, we must have a plan. Here's my plan :" Cylink Corporation has made encryption security products for networking, for over 16 years. Those products are built by foreign nationals and used by businesses, banks and governments around the world, including in the United States. Cylink has managed to export product without United States restriction, including to embargoed nations.
NASDAQ Ticker: CYLK (...) based in Armenia named Hylink (...) The senior Hylink executive is a ranking KGB officer named (General?) Gurgen Khchatrian.(:::)KGB trained field officer reporting to Khchatrian is named (Colonel?) Gaigic Evoyan (...) The engineers developed cryptography based networking product ...system in Europe, which is called S.W.I.F.T." Notes 1 this was released here, their names changed, their offices moved...Plan is...let's get the keycode. banking system, is very much complex 2 one of the complexity is that their transference for offshores or stocks acquisition, as well ATM's lines, are verified with 5 encryption codes

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