Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Father, IoT will domain our lifes, from the moment we wake up, and even when we sleep. First thing we will do, its a biometric data reading, by touching the screen. the machine will tell you, your physical conditions (like blood pressure, glicemia) give you options, and also your psychological mood. The virus, is to plan a world coup d'état. the virus will indicate that sabotage, assassinations, and roberings are occurring, in world locations. By matrix the data, the virus will gather together groups of people, acting as they belong to that action, and actuating according, just by email . The virus will distribute a personality software, to each IP address, crossing biometric and psycho data. People will depend on their own options over their internet use, such as news feed, education, religion, entertainment. the objective of the virus is to change your DNA genetic behavior. therefore, elections will be controlled by the virus, any modification on the objective, and the virus starts again.

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